About us

Regent House has been operating as a brand since 1995 and is owned by Aromaworld Ltd.

The Regent House client base covers online web stores, garden centres, gift shops, chemists, florists, beauticians and hairdressers, market/craft stalls, party planners and mail order catalogues.

Regent House is a UK manufacturer and wholesaler of home fragrance and aromatherapy. The ranges of products which are designed and manufactured in the UK are innovative, eye catching and sell at very realistic prices. The product lines include simmering granules, fragrance oils, room sprays, reed diffusers and incense sticks which are available in over 60 different fragrances including the number one seller which is Angel Wings. The ranges also include a wide selection of essential oils, carrier and massage oils, aromatherapy creams and relaxation packs. With display stands and testers to help boost your sales and excellent customer care this is an excellent place to look for all your fragrances and aromatherapy requirements!

Regent House also offer a catalogue with all the prices as well as our web site for those who prefer a hard copy to browse through. Orders are taken over the phone, via the website, fax or e-mail and if you phone there will always be a real person on the end of the line to help you! 

Regent House have a high commitment to staff welfare and consider them an imperative part of the company’s ability to deliver high quality products to customers. Customer service is an integral and vital part of Regent House.

Regent House also has international distributors across europe and in Japan and Nigeria.

If you are interested in becoming an international distributor please visit the distributor link at the bottom of the page..