1. Distributors are entitled to discounts on the product ranges. The discounts vary on each product line. A full discount structure is supplied to each distributor on approval.
  2. Regent House has no set fixed minimum order for distributors. However it is not viable for a distributor to ship less than 1 pallet of goods and distributors are expected to order in bulk quantities.
  3. Regent House have a distributor agreement in which it states that the distributor should predict the sales for the year ahead. Once the distributor has been representing the company for 12 months then the distributor may be asked to predict their sales so that Regent House can ensure sufficient stock levels can be managed.
  4. The distributor pays the full shipping cost from Sheffield, UK to their place of destination. However Regent House can organise this shipping and obtain 3 quotes from different companies to ensure the most competitive quote.
  5. Regent House will accept goods back if they are faulty or incorrect or will replace them. However if the distributor does not want the goods for any other reason it can be arranged to return the goods to Regent House in perfect condition and receive a credit. This must always be done by prior arrangement.
  6. Payment is always in advance by credit card, letter of credit or bank transfer.
  7. The distributor can receive a set of samples but will need to pay the shipping for these samples.
  8. The distributor receives a free link and information about their company on Regent House web site.
  9. Where possible all orders placed from within the country/territory will be passed to the distributor. However if the distributor does not stock the items which the customer wants and does not want to supply the goods then Regent House reserves the right to supply the customer directly.
  10. Product labels and information can be offered in bespoke design or different languages subject to sufficient quantities ordered.